Valentina is one of the main proganists in the story. Born in an estate in Nirvada on the 14th of Feburary
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A quick sketch of Valentina

Valentina Blade




Febuary 14th




Marielle School


Lenox Blade (missing), Lasarythe Blade (missing)

(Valentine's Day). She had no intention of making any close friends with anybody until she met Chaos Maddox.

She is the love interest of Lanius Valkyrie but shows no motive of interest back, as she is uneasy and timid about it. She likes to avoid him on streets and mainly everywhere she goes, she has killed him just over 510 times, starting from when he first confessed his attraction to her.


Valentina is very quiet and self occupied in her thoughts and tends to stare off into the distance as if spied on. She only talks when absolutely necessary and when she does, everything goes silent when they hear her voice, men are mesmerised and women become envious as her voice is clear with a hint of an English accent. Valentina is very mature and responsible for her age and is very intelligent. She gets homeschooled by her servant Josephene Serum. Josephene was the only person Valentina opted to open up to and the only person she is seen to be with when out about town.

It is said she has reports of deja vu very often and usually spends time alone in her "hideout" which is a little grove hidden in the forest located near where Nirvada and Quincy broke apart from one another.

Valentina is what you would call "tsundere" meaning somewhat mean and rude on the outside but very caring and kind on the inside. Many people from bboth Quincy and Nirvada have said that Valentina is a very charming aand eye catching female but they dare not go near her because she is intimidating and vain looking. She secretly is seeking love and affection and is in need of social welfare. According to Josephene, Valentina is a very joyus, kind and charismatic person, anyone wanting to befriend her just needs to gain her trust, but unfortunately, it is very hard for anybody to gain her attention and interest.

Being the Nirvadian Head Minister: Lanius Valkryie's main potential love interest, Valentina is always seen trying to avoid him at all costs, but she always fails to get away, ending up being asked for dinner or attending a little occasion with him as she feels rude if she declines. She actually thinks about him most of the time and unconciously fantasizes about him when she is alone, she's always embarassed when she gets caught feeling from him and avoids eye contact. Valentina secretly loves him somewhere deep in her heart, but she refuses to say anything about it. Everytime she see Lanius with women when he is out, she defies the urge to reject them for him and approaches as casually as she can, trying to hide her jealousy and anxiety.

Since Valentina is a Nirvadian, she is a killer. She has her own personal sword which is supposedly called: "Sacrifice". Valentina is responsible for 20% of the murders in Nirvada, since everybody kills there, she holds the record for the most killings in the city. Followed by Josephene.


Valentina has chest length dark hair that appears slightly raven and is usually kept in the same style, the left section of her hair is in a side ponytail secured with a fishnet and ribbon hair piece that features the Nirvada rose emblemt, the rest of her hair is left neutral, she has a fringe that sometimes covers her right eye. She has bright blue eyes that contrasts her unaturally pale rosey skin tone.

She is seen wearing detailed and possibly over-the-top gothic lolita clothes very often and is accented in some way with the colour of blue. She likes wearing her unique dresses because she says it covers her self doubt and moderately low self esteem and makes her seem more cheerful.


It is unknown of where Valentina's parents are and if there are deceased or not. All she can remember was living with Josephene and Josephene's mother when she was 5, this is the age she first met Chaos and Lanius. Appearantly, all the children from all about Mitternacht of this age were sent to school on the island of Braxlin where they all knew each other well. All the children are taught everything about Mitternacht, and all the secrets of the lands and how they came to be and why the laws of physics defies the ties between the mainlands Quincy and Nirvada. But the law in Braxlin is before they leave school at the age of 9 they are erased of their memory of everyone they knew on Braxlin and the secrets of Mitternacht.

When Valentina graduated from Marielle School in Braxlin, she always had an estate passed on from her father where Josphene's mother Jacelyn looked after for Valentina while she was away schooling. Jacelyn was a mother figure to Valentina and she respected her for caring for her but said she didn't need it. Jacelyn kept telling Valentina that once she's reunited her true love, her duty being the Blade family's servant will be done.

Not long after she's returned from Marielle School, Valentina was out on the streets of Nirvada on her own with the presence of Josephene not far behind her grocery shopping, she saw children the same age as her run around the streets with their parents and friends and wondered if she had any. All young kids need friends and Valentina was no exception. Valentina was a sweet, pretty girl and looked as though her charm will get her everything and anything, that may be so but as she approached the children playing, they all stopped what they were doing, all the boys and girls stopped, and just simply stared at her in awe. She didn't know why they stopped but she started talking and they fell silent. Valentina started crying until a calming hand fell on her shoulder, it was a boy a cute looking, well mannered boy who told her that it was alright and that there wasn't anything wrong with her, that it was the total opposite. She was almost perfect looking he explained. This, was when she reunited with Lanius. That day, Jacelyn disappeared. Completely gone. Her belongings in the Blade estate unmoved. Her fate as the Blade family's servant ended. It was now Josephene's duty.

Ever since that day when Valentina tried to make friends with the playing children, she went almost mute. She didn't believe what Lanius had told her about her voice and looks being almost angelic, she almost never talked, spoke up for herself, or addressed anyone but Josephene. She merely hummed tunes to old folk songs from the original country. Until Chaos was introduced.

When Valentina first met Chaos, she had a certain feeling that they were meant to be friends, but a little bit of uncertainty if she could be trusted or not. She had glimpses of the presence of three children who were, according to what she saw, kids that she knew. She soon realised that two of the children are Lanius and Chaos but the third child's identity was unknown to her. Chaos, from Valentina's view is someone almost exactly like her, with individuality still accountable of course but aside from that, Valentina had that sort of forbidden feeling about their friendship. Chaos and Valentina met (rather, reunited) on the island called: Hezekiah. Where they both were exploring before they bumped into one another. Valentina could feel that Chaos' aura was strong and true, deep inside her, she knew who Chaos was, a true, real friend. But then again, Chaos was a total stranger who looked like someone from the past.


Lanius ValkyrieEdit

When she first met Lanius, she instantly took interest in him. She says she'll never admit it to him, or anyone and denies her attraction but anyone could tell she obsesses over him in her heart.

Valentina looks up to Lanius, because he is a very intelligent young man and Head Minister of the Nirvadian Ministry with alot of heart, charisma and confidence.

Since Lanius is always surrounded by women out in town, Valentina often think that his love interest is part of the act of him rejecting their marriage and relationship propsals. She think he doesn't actually love her like he claims, so she pretends to keep neutral and continue the way she is.

Chaos MaddoxEdit

Chaos is Valentina's best friend and has been ever since pre-school. They have alot in common and like to spend time with each other playing instuments, shopping, island visiting or even just walking about their town when one of them is at the other's home city.

Valentina think Chaos is a very beautiful girl and even though Chaos denies it, she is overrun by Valentina's objections to her declinement on the subject. Valentina says Zach would be her perfect match and Chaos should really think about marriage or a relationship. Chaos? She simply does her best to get Valentina to stay quiet about the whole arguement.

Chaos lives in Quincy and since Valentina is from Nirvada, they have to get over the secret bridge alot to meet one other for an occasion. Chaos usually come over to Nirvada to see Valentina, as the bridge guards of Quincy are a bit less strict and intimidating compared to the bridge guards of Nirvada.

Josephene SerumEdit

Being Valentina's main servant, Josephene spends alot of time with her. Valentina doesn't want Josephene as her servant, but rather, as her friend. But this cannot happen because every single member of the Serum family is entitled to be the Blade family's servant or caretaker of some sort. It is the way the Serum family will pay their debts to the Blade family for saving them and giving them a home in the past.

Valentina and Josephene kill together, as a hobby. Every night at around 10:00pm they are out to hunt, for people. As this is the Nirvadian Law, they tend to make the most of it.


Valentina doesn't know Zach that well, as he is Chaos' best friend from childhood. But she respects how they are both friends with her. There is an essence of jealousy between the two, but they both get along like they've met since early childhood...


  • Valentina's favourite: colour is blue, food is fettacini, instrument is piano.
  • She was born on Valentine's day, hence the name Valentina.
  • Valentina holds the record for the most amount kills in Nirvada.
  • Her least favourite food are cucumbers.
  • She can run very fast.
  • She doesn't really like reading unless it's important.
  • She has an English accent.
  • Latin, English and German are the main languages she can speak.
  • She likes birds.
  • She practices swordplay with Chaos and Lanius.
  • Her favourite piece of clothing is a corset. She has a wide variety of corsets in her wardrobe most of them have very complex structures and take along time to put on.
  • She like the outdoors and exploring the forest and neighbouring forests.