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Nirvada is one of the cities in the lands of Mitternacht ('Midnight' in German).

Nirvada is where protagonist: Valentina Blade originates from. This city is mysterious and dark, only dark to the ones who come from the city of Quincy.

It is unknown of what force holds up the mass of land and how it is strong enough to lift it apart from Quincy. To Quincians, Nirvada looks like a dark, menacing, gloomy area, but if one Quincian were to venture the secret bridge leading up to Nirvada, the entire atmosphere changes into a normal city, lots of sunlight, birds singing, white clouds. But the people are well known as murderers, every single





Lanius Valkyrie

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one of them. One murder case each day, yet none of the population decreases. Nobody knows why, in every home of a Nirvadian, there would be a sort of registery book, and in each and every one of a Nirvadian's registry book, the book owner's murderer scribed their name, when they killed them and how they killed them regardless. There are no law enforcements in either Quincy or Nirvada, as there is no need, so a murder is just part of everyday life and is ignored. Everyone in the city is killed at least once. Except for one. Valentina Blade.


Years and years before this story takes place, Nirvada and Quincy used to be part of a whole single country until everything erupted and earthquakes drowned surrounding districts and towns, their "earth" was morphing, changing, and now, a simple two city land with nothing surrounding it. The cause of destruction was not confirmed but many claim it was all because of two very different people from two very different worlds.


The most known (important) laws in Nirvada are quite easy to manage.

  • Any murder must be registered in the victim's registery book.
  • Noone other than a member of the Nirvadian Ministry is allowed to cross the border by bridge without permission of a member, they must obtain a certified pass.
  • If you kill a Quincian in Quincy, you are banished from the lands of Mitternacht.
  • You are only allowed to have two children, any more and they are either sent out into the ocean or simply given as sacrifice to the water goddesses.
  • Stealing and child abuse result as a serious offense and will be dealt with severly.
  • If you were to murder someone, you must do it quickly, torture is not permitted in any area of Nirvada is is strictly unadvised.


Nirvada and Quincy each have their own ministries but they are based on the exact same thing. Only ministers and members can go to Quincy without any permission, and other residents of Nirvada must ask of permission before entering the city of Quincy.

The ministry is responsible for basically everything that goes on in Nirvada, and helps out with laws and enforcements in Quincy. The Mitternacht Ministry holds all the history of the original unknown country and secrets are scattered all about Mitternacht.

A member of the Nirvadian Ministry should be easily recognised by their left neon blue armband, right black Mitternacht Ministry armband and the blue rose symbol dangler that hangs on their signature weapon. On all of those essentials are two symbols on each, one symbols that represents Nirvada and one that represents Mitternacht.


There are many oddities in Quincy and Nirvada, here are some of Nirvada's:

  • The population doesn't decrease when someone gets murdered. The victim simply rescurrects themselves and continues on with life as normal.
  • A Nirvadian must kill at least 15 times a year. It is an urge. The least known amount of kills a year is 5. (Which is utterly amazing)
  • There are barely any people over the age of 48 in Nirvada, teenagers populate most of the rate. The life expectancy isn't so high in Nirvada, the oldest person ever lived in Nirvada was around 67.