Lanius is one of the main proganists in the story. He is born on the 10th of October.
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And old sketch of Lanius with his scythe "Prejudice"

His love interest is Valentina Blade and the Head Minister of the Nirvadian Ministry.

Lanius will do whatever it takes to prove that his love is true to Valentina, but everything but killing her.

It is unknown to where his parents are and when they disappeared from Mitternacht.


Lanius is a headstrong, intellectual young man who strives for the best in his complicated city, as the youngest and most known for member of the Nirvadian Ministry, he

Lanius Valkyrie




10th October




Marielle Academy




Single, someone in mind

is well sought after in the means of love and marriage proposals. Lanius is very sociable and will practically start a conversation up with anyone and everyone with a smile on his face, woman from both Nirvada and Quincy have reported him to be the most charming man in all of Mitternacht, he is not aware of this as he continues to talk to various women about topics other than marriage, relationships, them, him, her etc but rather about the weather, laws, murders and neutral smalltalk while they drool over his speech and facial expressions.

Lanius likes to paint portraits and write short stories, most of all his pieces are all based on Valentina, his love interest, in his stories he describes this unamed girl as an angelic authority over even a king, a pure, clear voice from the clouds or the petals of pink roses, eyes with a whole story that runs through by merely catching a glimpse of them, many of his readers die to know who this mystery woman in his stories are and wonder if that maybe it is them he is describing, but it is far beyond their knowing who the woman really is.

Everytime he sees Valentina, he is proned to capture her and make love to her on the spot, he thinks his thoughts are just sickening and brutal, but then he realizes how much he really wants her to be his wife, his only red rose in a garden of white. He daydreams about her during the day and has even more, revealing dreams during the night, he is unhappy that she will not listen to his pleads and cries, he knows she does not believe that he truly loves her like noone else, and he doesn't know how to prove it to her. The fact that he is oblivious to him being the rated number one love interest in Mitternacht is what is causing Valentina to mistrust his love to her, he does not know that when groups of women surround him to talk to him, makes Valentina struggle to keep believing that he'd find the answer that will make her say yes to his proposal.

Unkown to most of Nirvada, Lanius truly holds the second rank to the most killings in Nirvada, whereas Josephene Serum hold the third. Lanius has a scythe, which he calls "Prejudice" basically represents his favour for Valentina and Valentina only.


Not much is known about Lanius' history but he has earnt quite a high rank in the most highest privilages in Mitthernacht, the city Ministry.

According to some found journals and diaries found in the Valkyrie household say that Lanius went and to the Marielle Academy on the island of Brexlin and knew Valentina, Chaos and Zach before their memories were fully erased.

The most vivid memory was of a time when he was around 11, he was walking alone with one of his servants and strolled to where the children were playing, his servant stopping to chat with one of the famous maids, Josephene Serum. Lanius remembers a little girl, a little bit younger than he was, but with piercing blue eyes and the most pale face he had ever seen, a slight splash of rosey pink and hair tinted raven, he remembered her frilly white dress with an abundance of white and turqoise ribbons that cascaded down to the hems of the three layers of skirts she wore, the last hanging the lowest, almost touching her claves in the most lacey pattern possible, and her white shoes with the emblem of Nirvada on their sides and a shy smile with a blush of spring pin on her small cheeks. She was the most fragile being he had ever laid eyes on, and he though he could look at her forever, until he say her almost to tears. He remembers talking to a pure, small angelic voice that spoke sadly to him, all he could do was reassure her. And his memory of that moment ended with her smile and introducing herself, as Valentina Blade. That smile deep into his mind till the present day. He could only wish that he could see her smile to him again.

Lanius also lives in the Blade's Estate, something that Valentina cannot believe and dreads more than anything. Something is untold about Lanius' family and how his family's mansion is in the Blade's Estate, one of his goals in life is to find out.


Valentina BladeEdit

When he first met Valentina, he thought that he'd seen her once before, in a distant memory or, a dream. He knew that meeting her was written in stone and it felt right. But he felt she refused to believe, or accept.

He really enjoys his 'more pleasant' conversations with Valentina, and he wishes she'd opt to simply talk to him more often as he loves listening to her talking.

He finds Valentina attracting and everytime he sets his sight on her, he has an urge to harass her sexually, but stops himself and thinks himself as a disgusting, love seeking commoner. His only goal is to prove his love to her and marry her, all in one day, he thinks.

Chaos MaddoxEdit

He has intellectual conversations with her and he is always interested in what she reads, she confesses that she has read all his short stories and knows exactly who he write about in all his romantic novels and such, she says she wishes to help him find a way to make her accept him as a lover and he happily agrees, calling her sister in the progress.

They have a brother-sisterly relationship and often argue about who knows Valentina more, Lanius always ends up losing because Valentina often hides away from him and not Chaos. Lanius has shown to be very jealous of Chaos and Valentina's best friend relationship and he wishes Valentina would just treat him like Chaos, but obviously more.


He doesn't know much about Zach, but they are good friends, Lanius thinks he should step up and ask Chaos on a date or over for a dinner. Zach think it's a great idea and is currently planning his best approach with Lanius and Valentina.